DC police spent $260k on ‘Stingray’ surveillance system, left it unused for 6 years

Requests for documents have revealed not only that law enforcement in Washington, DC long ago acquired a controversial cellphone surveillance system known as a “Stingray,” but also let it sit around unused for around six years.

Investigative journalists have been increasingly successful in recent months with regards to acquiring documentation and evidence concerning the use of Stingray and other surveillance systems by police departments across the United States. According to some of the latest reports, however, the Metropolitan Police Department in the nation’s capital indeed acquired a Stingray, but waited more than half-a-decade until its officers were actually showed how to use it.

Strippers sue Washington state to prevent their identities from being released

Exotic dancers at a Washington strip club are suing to prevent officials from releasing their names and addresses due to a public records request. Because most strippers are required to have an “entertainer’s license,” their identities are public record.

Two Jane Does filed the complaint against Pierce County on Tuesday, on behalf of about 70 dancers and managers at Dreamgirls at Fox’s, as well as any former dancers. They are asking county officials not to release copies of their business licenses ‒ and thus real identities ‒ to a man who has filed a public records request for that information.

Gilbert H. Levy, an attorney for the dancers, acknowledged that the information can legally be released under the state’s Public Records Act, but that the entertainers have free-speech, privacy and safety interests in keeping the licenses and their true identities confidential.

"It’s a unique occupation and it’s a controversial occupation," Levy told the Associated Press. "Some people like nude dancers, and other people for religious or for other philosophical reasons don’t. There’s some stigma attached to the occupation, and most dancers for personal privacy reasons and safety reasons, don’t want the customers to know who they are outside of the club."

Weed-friendly Colorado considering ban against edibles

State health officials in Colorado are considering rules that would remove marijuana-infused edibles from the shelves of retail shops where pot products have legally been available to adults since the start of the year.

Now nearly 11 months after the United States saw the longstanding federal prohibition against weed challenged in Colorado with the opening of state-sanctioned retail shops in compliance with the passage of a first-of-its-kind law, Amendment 64, regulators in the Rocky Mountain State are pursuing possible changes.

Paralyzed groom walks down the aisle thanks to robotic exoskeleton (VIDEO)

Matt Ficarra was paralyzed from the chest down in a freak boating accident in 2011, but he didn’t let that prevent him from walking down the aisle on Saturday night… literally. The 30-year-old used a robotic exoskeleton to accomplish the miraculous feat.

Ficarra walked into the ballroom to await his bride in Syracuse, New York to applause and cheering. He stood tall at his full six feet ‒ something most of the wedding guests hadn’t seen since July 30, 2011. He beamed as first the bridal party, then his wife-to-be, Jordan Basile, walked down the aisle, letting out an audible “wow” as she came into view, the Syracuse Post-Dispatch reported. After a 15-minute ceremony, the wedded couple began their recessional, arm-in-arm and grinning from ear to ear.

Monica Lewinsky calls herself the ‘patient zero’ of cyberbullying, joins Twitter

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky says she endured years of ridicule over a high-profile affair with the president of the United States, and now wants to protect others from harassment by launching a “cultural revolution” against cyber-bullying.

Referring to herself as the “patient zero” of online harassment, the 41-year-old former Clinton administration intern told an audience at a forum in Philadelphia this week that she wants to focus on helping other victims of cyber-bullying to overcome the types of attacks and insults that nearly ruined her life almost a decade ago.

Democrats to suffer big losses if black voters ignore midterms - report

With the US Senate up for the taking this November election, a prominent pollster has warned in a confidential memo that Democrats face “crushing” losses nationwide if the party cannot turn out black voters to the polls, according to a new report.

Cornell Belcher, a former pollster for President Barack Obama, sounded the alarm in an Oct. 1 memo prepared for an undisclosed recipient, echoing other indications that Democrats will lose the US Senate, among other positions across the United States, thanks in part to a shortfall in voting support this midterm election. 

Obama considers allowing torture overseas

The White House is reportedly wrestling over how to interpret a ban on “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” ahead of a meeting in Geneva next month concerning the United Nations charter on torture.

According to the New York Times, the Obama administration remains divided over what stance a Washington delegation will officially take at the UN-sponsored Committee Against Torture panel early next month in the Swiss city.