Severe drought in California spreading at unprecedented rate

The drought in California is getting worse as more than half the state now suffers from the most severe drought conditions possible, according to a new report.

The recent study published by the US Drought Monitor noted that 58 percent of California is experiencing “exceptional drought,” which is the most serious category on the agency’s five-level scale.

It’s also the highest percentage to be recorded since the federal government started monitoring drought levels in the 1990s.

Gaza ‘miracle baby’ born after mother’s death dies of complications, power cuts

The Gazan ‘miracle baby’ who was saved from her killed mother’s womb has died in an incubator in a hospital, suffering from power shortages inflicted by Israeli strikes. Hospitals now hope that a brief truce will ease the humanitarian disaster in Gaza.

The world continues to mourn the death of the Gazan “miracle baby”, who died in an incubator in a hospital that is suffering from power shortages inflicted by the IDF bombardment.

Prematurely delivered from the womb of her dead mother, the “miracle baby” Shayma died in Khan Yunis hospital in southern Gaza after five days of fighting to stay alive. She died in an intensive care unit which suffered blackouts after Israeli shelling knocked out Gaza’s only power station.

NASA looks to produce oxygen on Mars with next rover

The next Mars rover is going to be home to numerous ambitious experiments, including one that will see NASA try to produce oxygen on the Red Planet.

If successful, the project could help lead the way for a sustained human presence on Mars, as well as offer astronauts an effective method for producing rocket fuel that could be used for return trips to Earth.

According to the Associated Press, the device would accompany the next rover NASA will use to explore Mars in 2021. Dubbed “MOXIE,” it wouldn’t even create one ounce of oxygen every hour, but a successful operation has big implications for future missions.

FL mother charged with neglect for allowing son to play in park unsupervised

One Florida mother is going to think twice about letting her son go outside to play without supervision after she was recently arrested on charges of child neglect.

Police became involved in the situation when 7-year-old Dominic Gainey was spotted at a local pool on his way to a park about a half mile away from his home in Port St. Lucie. The boy’s mother, Nicole Gainey, had given Dominic permission to go play at the park, but on his way a local lifeguards at the pool questioned him regarding her absence.

Spooked by the lifeguard’s approach, the Associated Press reported that Dominic sprinted through a six-lane road and made his way to the park, where an officer intercepted him. The boy was asked if his mother regularly let him go outside alone, to which the boy – who had a cell phone around his neck and had just spoken with his mother – said yes.

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