Colorado swiftly backtracks on edible pot ban

State health officials in Colorado have promptly turned away from a proposal to ban most of the edible marijuana products currently sold in the state, marking a significant reversal less than a day after the idea was made public.

As a 22-person panel of experts met to discuss potential changes to the laws regulating the state’s budding recreational marijuana industry, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) suggested on Monday that the group consider dramatically limiting the kind of edible pot products that can be sold.

Currently, state law allows adults to legally purchase a variety of marijuana products made with the plant’s potent active ingredient, THC.

After triggering backlash from marijuana groups and other pot supporters, however, the Health Department is backing away from its proposal.

American voters disaffected with political establishment

National security prosecutors to shift towards pursuing cybercriminals

The part of the Justice Department that prosecutes suspected cybercriminals on behalf of the United States government will soon see some changes as feds find a new way to counter the mounting attacks against American computer networks.

In the aftermath of a series of high-profile intrusions attributed to foreign hackers, Reuters reported on Tuesday this week that the US Department of Justice is revamping its team of prosecutors handling national security issues to ensure that the government’s attorneys are fully prepared to further pursue criminal activity occurring in the cyber realm.

Obama may allow continuation of Bush-era torture practices

North America gears up for Thursday’s partial solar eclipse-filled sunset

Much of North America will experience a solar eclipse on Thursday, with the moon covering up to 70 percent of the sun in the late afternoon. Along most of the East Coast and Midwest, the event will occur during sunset, allowing for dramatic photography.

“Sunsets are always pretty. One sunset this month could be out of this world. On Thursday, Oct. 23rd, the setting sun across eastern parts of the USA will be red, beautiful and… crescent-shaped,” NASA Science wrote. The alignment of the two orbs on the East Coast at the end of the day “will be especially beautiful… transforming the usual sunset into something weird and wonderful.”

The farther north viewers are, the deeper the eclipse they’ll see, and the farther west they are, the higher the sun and moon will be in the sky. Thus the comparatively later dusk of the Midwest may provide the most spectacular views of sunset-enhanced phenomenon.

US facing sanctions after defying WTO trade rules

The United States could soon be facing sanctions as a result of a ruling handed down by the World Trade Organization this week concerning an American meat labeling law contested by officials in Mexico and Canada.

On Monday, the WTO decided against the US and said the nation’s country-of-origin labeling law is in violation of international fair trade rules.

NYPD assaults busker, arrests him after confirming he did nothing illegal (VIDEO)

A musician was assaulted and arrested after he wouldn’t stop playing guitar in a New York subway station on Friday morning. The video of the incident went viral, drawing attention to his cause: The police’s unfair treatment of buskers.

Andrew Kalleen, half of the indie/folk/rock duo Lawrence and Leigh, was playing his guitar around 1:30 a.m. on a platform at the Metropolitan Ave. G train station in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. A New York Police Department officer approached him, asking the 30-year-old for his permit.

The guitarist replied that he didn’t need a permit to perform. And thus began a confrontation that ended with the NYPD officer assaulting and arresting Kalleen ‒ after reading aloud the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) rule saying the cop was wrong.. A bystander recorded the exchange.